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Assetto Corsa Tutorial für Oculus Rift - 30 Sep 2017 Following the below section is the PCars 2 specific settings I use currently, after ~7 hours of testing. Please note. There is a great app for this stuff made for Assetto Corsa.. But this is much better than I was getting before 

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30.08.2017 · Our VR Affiliate link - What are the best Virtual Reality racing simulators and racing simulators with virtual reality support ? In th Assetto Corsa or Project Cars : simracing - reddit Copy that. Get 'em both. I find that Assetto Corsa most of the GT cars understeer pretty bad. This could be allievated with some setup, but I can't change jack because I have ditched my triples for the Oculus and won't go back. Project Cars nails the GT Cars in comparison, IMO. PCars road cars feel like boats. AC Road Cars feel great. So yes Assetto Corsa vs Project Cars : oculus - reddit And unfortunately regarding VR: The car models only look nice on a monitor. In VR, where you can look around, you will see that the back of the car, and the interior to your right is not rendered. Many cars don't even have rear wheels if you look back in an open seater and so on. Assetto has everything modeled with amazing detail. Assetto Corsa - assetto corsa oder project cars? | ComputerBase Servus Ich hab gerade ein großes Verlangen nach einer Renn Sim. Nun bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob assetto corsa oder project cars Ich möchte gerne Abend gemütlich paar Runden drehen, gerne mit

comme tu l'a dit,si tu veus du realisme prend Assetomais PC a toutes les conditions meteo un choix enorme de circuitsa toi de voir - page 2 - Topic Assetto Corsa vs Project Cars ?? du 14-04-2016

My thoughts on Project Cars 2 vs Assetto Corsa (VR) - reddit My thoughts on Project Cars 2 vs Assetto Corsa (VR) I'm going to keep this short, I play in VR (Vive), T500RS , running a 4790k and 1080gtx. Have spent only about 5-6 hours playing pcars, 200+ playing AC. Have a bit of experience with cars and how they ha Project Cars 2 or Assetto Corsa :: Project CARS 2 Offtopic for me its project cars 2 is the favourit because of the rally cross there inst much content but its fun all the same. like kobold says its mainly down to VR or not. asseto seems to run better than project cars in VR for me so if you have any plans to upgrade your rig and use VR then asseto would be the first choice. alot of people have project How Does Project Cars 2 Compare to Assetto Corsa? :: Project CARS

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Project Cars 2 - Dieses Spiel will Simulations-König werden Project Cars 2 will sowohl die Spieler von Assetto Corsa, als auch von Forza für sich gewinnen. Wir haben die Pre-Alpha angespielt und klären, ob das gelingen könnte. Project CARS - Test, Rennspiel, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift S, Virtual Project Cars gehört zur stetig steigenden Auswahl an Spielen, denen Entwickler nachträglich eine offizielle VR-Unterstützung spendiert haben. Die Slightly Mad Studios laden sowohl Besitzer von VR - Project CARS Project CARS on the Oculus Store comes complete with all the On Demand content added so far over the last year in addition to further VR-specific improvements coming to the Oculus version. When Project CARS Game Of The Year Edition launches, all purchasers of the game on Oculus Store will then automatically get upgraded to this version too.

VR-Assetto Corsa - Virtual Racing. e.V. - Forum VR BC; VR Porsche World Cup; Assetto Corsa Events; ADAC Digital Cup; VR-iRacing. iRacing Allgemein; Cups und Trophies; GT Series (GTS) Open Wheeler Series; Porsche Cup; GTE; Motorvision eSports Xtreme Series (MeXS) Oval Development Program (ODP) Setups; VR-Sims. Verschiedene Rennsimulationen; Automobilista (AMS) AMS Retro Cup; Project CARS 2 Assetto Corsa vs. PCars 2 vs GTS: Physics, FFB | Page 5 Well when comes to RL vs sim, I prefer Project CARS 2. I was away from sim racing for about a year and a half. I came back about 9 months ago and it was just a relief to drive in Project CARS 2, because the vehicles were phenomenal. The Devs are working on Project CARS 2! AC has been out for over 4 years with early access now. AC still has some Project Cars 2 vs Assetto Corsa cars in VR - YouTube 22.09.2017 · Taking a look at the details of cars in both games.

Which is better, Project CARS 2 or Assetto Corsa? - Quora Assetto Corsa is definitely the best simracing game out there. The Physics of the sim is close to real life driving and the modability and tuning setup of the game is Assetto Corsa Competizione vs Project Cars 2 | VR | Rain - 28.01.2019 · Taking a look at Assetto Corsa Competizione and Project Cars 2. Comparing the rain settings that both games have to offer. Assetto Corsa Competizone still in beta mode and running at the moment on Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa physics differences. : simracing Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa physics differences. Question . With regards in controlling a car when it loses traction. I'm using a Thrustmaster TX Leather edition wheel and in Project cars 2, when a car starts to over steer I can "feel" how much I nee

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5 Aug 2019 Assetto Corsa might be the oldest game on this list but it's also one of Project Cars 2 overtakes both Gran Turismo and Forza with its army of  Assetto corsa drift setup g29 F1 2015 Project Cars Dirt Rally iRacing Eurotruck Simulator 2 Need for Speed au Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel vs Logitech G27 Force Feedback for Assetto Corsa Setup Guide Ffb Wheel Settings Graphic Settings Vr Settings  Project Cars 2 VS. Assetto Corsa | Comparison @ Nordschleife 22.09.2017 · Project Cars 2 vs. Assetto Corsa on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in VR (Oculus Rift). Car is the McLaren 570S. Steam: Assetto Corsa Competizione vs Project CARS 2 VR Comparison -