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Resettare iPod classic e nano di vecchia generazione. Se è tua intenzione scoprire come resettare iPod e disponi del modello classic o nano appartenente alla 5a generazione o inferiore la prima cosa che devi fare è spostare l’interruttore del player su Hold e riportarlo poi nella posizione iniziale.

How to Reset an iPod: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow How to Restore Files After Diag Error in iPod Classic?

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To reset iPod nano or iPod classic settings, choose Settings→Reset Settings from the iPod nano Home screen or iPod classic main menu, and then select Reset (or Cancel to cancel). This resets all the items on the Settings menu to their default settings. Resetting an iPod shuffle How to fix an iPod Classic with a bad hard drive? - Ask Different I've an iPod Classic 160 GB bought in 2007. I've never had problems copying songs into it, through iTunes, but from the beginning I never had much success using it as a portable hard drive. Whenever I tried copying large files, or many files, into it, it would hang and reboot after a while. Einen iPod zurücksetzen: 11 Schritte (mit Bildern) - wikiHow Setze einen eingefrorenen iPod Touch zurück. Wenn dein iPod Touch nicht reagiert, kannst du einen Hard Reset durchführen. Dies startet deinen iPod neu und beendet alle derzeit laufenden Apps. Drücke den Ein-/ Ausschaltknopf und den Home-Button und halte beide 10 Sekunden gedrückt. Das Apple-Logo erscheint und das Gerät wird zurückgesetzt.

30 Sep 2010 fix an unresponsive Apple iPod Classic MP3 player by hard resetting it. and to learn how to force your own iPod Classic to reset, take a look.

Is your iPod Classic refused to open due to Diag Error? If so, then make use of reliable iPod recovery software that can restore all types of media files from the  Help Key: How-To Fix an iPod that Won't Boot | TechCrunch 5 Mar 2007 Most iPods are user-fixable and you don't need to be a total […] If these actions don't restore your iPod to full functionality, then the problem  multimedia - Is there a way to restore/format an iPod under Linux However: The iPod Touch has a restore function in the settings menu and I think my iPod classic had one of those too. I can't check anymore  4th Generation 20 GB IPOD classics will not restore? - iPod, Zune

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How to bypass screen lock in APPLE iPod Classic 3rd Generation? How to restore defaults in APPLE iPod Classic 3rd Generation? The following tutorial shows all method of master reset APPLE iPod Classic 3rd Generation. Check out how to accomplish Hard Reset by hardware keys and settings. As a result your APPLE iPod Classic 3rd Generation will be How To Reset Your iPod Classic / Shuffle / Nano - YouTube 14.08.2015 · I go through the steps on how to perform a quick reset of your iPod classic, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. Written description of the above steps can be found iPod Classic Reset – So setzt ihr das iPod-Urgestein zurück Der große, alte Mann der Musikplayer ist wohl der iPod Classic von Apple. Will das Gerät einmal nicht so wie ihr oder ist das System mal eingefroren, hilft oftmals nur ein Neustart per Reset. iPod Classic Reset: iPod erneuern | TippCenter

In diesem Praxistipp zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie Ihren iPod Classic per Reset neustarten können. iPod Classic: Neustarten per Reset Ist das Bild eingefroren, reagiert das Gerät nicht mehr auf die Gesten oder treten andere Fehler auf, können Sie den iPod Classic mit einem simplen Handgriff neustarten. How to Reset an iPod classic - Techspirited The right procedure to reset an iPod classic is provided in this Techspirited article. Read to know how it's exactly done. Learn how to force restart your iPod - Apple Support Learn how to charge your iPod nano or get help with other issues on your iPod nano. If you can't force restart your iPod (5th generation), set your device on a table and try again. This time, when you press the Center button, don't touch the Click Wheel. And when you press Menu, press near the outside of the Click Wheel instead of near the center.

How to Hard Reset Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation: Reset your device to factory condition. Go to Menu > Setting then select.. try with Hand/button reset: press Resetarten des iPod touch | MacUser.de Community ipod touch hallo..ich hab mein ipod wiederherstellen wolen und nach den neustarten hängt er sich immer auf hard reset usw funktionieren aber nicht i tunes bzw pc erkkennt ipod nicht bitte dringend um antwort danke ! How to Do an iPod Hard Reset for iPod Classic & Other Models Performing an iPod hard reset will more than likely fix any minor problems that you are having with your iPod. General reset procedures differ slightly for different iPod models. For example, it's different resetting an iPod Classic vs. an iPod Shuffle. This guide covers ways to reset all models of iPods. You will not lose your music or other

11 Sep 2009 How to Restore iPod Classic Without Windows. I could not find this information and saw some people in the forums asking, but the answer was 

When you reset iPod all your music and files are saved, but some customized settings may be lost. Date and time are preserved (unless the iPod reset itself because it had no power and then was reconnected to power). Other customized settings, such as Bookmarks, On-The-Go Playlists, Shuffle, Backlight timer, and so forth are preserved from the last time the hard drive turned on. Een iPod resetten - wikiHow Dan kun je je iPod makkelijk herstellen zonder dat je iets kwijtraakt. Verbind je je iPod met je computer en verschijnt de tekst "iPod is corrupt, je zult hem wellicht moeten herstellen", dan zul je hem wellicht moeten resetten. Door je iPod te herstellen, worden alle bestanden van het apparaat verwijderd. How to Reset or Unfreeze an iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, Unfreeze or Reset an iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is pretty straight-forward. There are only two buttons on an iPod Touch, so it’s really hard to mess this up. To reset an iPod Touch, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo show up on the screen: iPod classic 160gb - how to restore - Apple Community Click that button to show iPod's Summary settings screen in iTunes window. The button for Restore is on that screen. Click Restore to erase iPod and set it to default "factory" settings. After Restore completes, iTunes invites you to "Get Started" with your iPod, like it's new. At that point, Eject iPod in iTunes and disconnect. Give to friend.